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So, I am getting myself ready to head out to Sandusy, Ohio for three days of nerdy fun at CodeMash.  While I am there, I will be giving my “Introduction to the MVVM Pattern”.  In preparation for this talk, I decided to create a new demo application.  This application is a calendar and session list for the conference.  It is not terribly fancy (I wish I had more time (or talent) to skin it better), but it highlights many of the concepts that I will be speaking about in my presentation.

The app is a Silverlight 3 project utilizing the Telerik Scheduler control.  This particular control is rather rich, and I was excited to get my hands dirty with it. The ViewModel for the scheduler was primarily responsible for translating session data into something the Telerik control could consume.   The app also includes a session list with a filter panel which is derived from the session data.  This is where the majority of the MVVM code can be found.  The ViewModels for the session list are responsible for dynamically creating and merging filter predicates based on the values in the session list.

CodeMashSessions.Calendar CodeMashSessions.Sessions

You can play with the application at

CodeMashSessions Source Code:

Twitter "Ball of Mud" vs MVVM Source Code:

Slides from "An Introduction to the MVVM Pattern":

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