Ann Arbor .NET Developers Group Has New Leadership!

Last night, the Ann Arbor .Net Developers group held annual elections, and made new director appointments.  The new leadership team is:

President: Jay Harris
Vice President: Scott Zischerk
Darrell Hawley
Treasurer: Eric Bratton

Director of Programming: Mike Woelmer
Director of Membership: Dennis Burton
Director of Sponsorship: Brian Genisio (me!)

With my new role, I will be soliciting companies for sponsorship.  This will require me to get out there a bit more than I am used to, which is something that I have been pushing myself to do for about a year now.  I am excited to be a more significant part of the group, as this group means a lot to me.  I can’t say that I know that I will be good in this role, but what the heck?  Lets give it a try.

Now, who wants to give me some money? :)  

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