Brian’s Goals for 2009

It seems everyone is publishing their goals for the year.  I had some goals in my head, but I thought I would mind map them and publish them as well.  I learned about this thought-organization technique at Codemash and I really got a lot out of the exercise.  My goals are broken down into four main categories: Health, Profession, Family and Enrichment.  Many elements of these categories bleed into other categories, but here is my best attempt to unravel my mind-mapped goals for 2009.


  1. Exercise
    1. Swim 50 miles
    2. Run occasionally
    3. Lift weights often
    4. Bicycle with Maia and Cara in the spring/summer/fall
    5. Ride my bike to work at least 20 times
  2. Food
    1. Bake more bread
    2. Eat less meat
    3. Snack less at work
  3. Loose 35 pounds


  1. Learning
    1. ASP.NET
      1. MVC
      2. jQuery
    2. MEF
    3. Ruby
    4. F#
    5. Pragmatic thinking
  2. Community
    1. Blog 50 times (professional or personal)
    2. Speak publicly at least 5 times (conferences or user groups)
    3. Get to know more people better


  1. Maia
    1. Free swim and swimming lessons
    2. Bike with her in the seat
    3. More music (drums, guitar and CDs).  Attend some live shows
    4. More library trips
    5. Read more
  2. Cara
    1. Reconnect
    2. More dates
    3. Show her I love her more
    4. Read more
  3. More visits with friends

Personal Enrichment

  1. Less Television
    1. Cancel cable
    2. Watch less than 100 hours
  2. Listen to more podcasts
  3. Read more — at least 10 non-technical books
  4. Brew more beer
  5. Learn guitar — at least 50 chords
  6. Join a sailing club
  7. Write more (mostly in blog form)

Wow… looking at this as an outline makes these goals seem extremely ambitious.  Each individual goal is achievable, but the achieving aggregated list feels untenable.  I suppose that when I look back on 2009, I will feel successful if I met about 2/3 of these goals. 

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