Active Record Talk

So at the Ann Arbor .NET Developer’s Group meeting the other night, I decided to give a 10 minute "lightning talk" version of my Castle ActiveRecord talk. People seemed very interested in the concept and I will be giving a full-length talk on the topic on September 10th.

Unfortunately, my company considers my first demo and presentation to be their IP and I can’t use it for a public talk. Because of this, I need to come up with a new demo and a new PowerPoint stack. I suppose this is not the worst thing in the world, as it will force me to think about the holes and questions from my internal talk.

My wife and I give each other alternating Fridays to get out of the house and do "our thing" while the other stays home while our child sleeps. So, I am at the coffee shop tonight, listening to music and playing more with ActiveRecord. I am thinking of a full-blown Silverlight application for recipe management as my demo.

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